Data Protection Foundation Course

How to implement the GDPR?

- Online Instructor-Led Training


Every organisation must comply with Data Privacy and Data Protection regulations. Organisations need to become more diligent in enforcing compliance to safeguard Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as the penalties for data loss are more severe. This course provides an overview of the rights and obligations of your organisation and of those you have collected personal information from, allowing you to make appropriate decisions on how to deal with the GDPR.

In this 2-day course, we cut through the legal jargon to focus on the core principles of data privacy and protection as well as the impact these might have on your organisation. Completing this course will give you a good overview of your responsibilities regarding data protection according to the GDPR.


You will learn:

  • To know and understand the basics of the GDPR
  • To know where to find additional information about and explanations of data protection principles
  • To be able to apply the GDPR in easy day-to-day situations
  • To know how to be accountable to the Data Protection Authority
  • To know what basic steps should be taken to implement the GDPR

Target audience

The Privacy & Data Protection Foundation is intended for everyone who collects, edits, processes or manages personal information for his/her work, or who needs to be aware of their legal responsibilities of the GDPR.


Required knowledge

There is no prior knowledge required to attend this course.


Course outline

  • Legal Context of Privacy and Data Protection
  • The General Data Protection Regulation:The Main Players
  • Foundation and Processing Principles: Scope of the GDPR
  • Restrictions and Obligations: Restrictions to processing of Personal Data imposed by the GDPR
  • Communications and Accountability
  • Summary 

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