Ethical Hacking Foundation Course

- Online Instructor-Led Training


During this course, you will be taken on a journey with a hacker, crawling inside the world of vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and ethical hacking. You will have the opportunity to explore various hacking techniques and approaches.

This 2-day course is a mix of theoretical material and hands-on skills allowing you to explore the world of the hacker. Most topics will begin with the theory of a particular technique. Theory is followed with a hands-on demonstration using our art lab because you learn ethical hacking by doing it.


You will learn: 

  • what an ethical hacker does
  • the skills an ethical hacker needs
  •  the different steps a hacker takes and understand the ethics around ethical hacking
  • the laws applied to cyber/computer crime
  • the basics of reporting issues found during a pen test and understand different types of testing
  • the basic steps of reconnaissance
  • the basic steps of attacking
  • the basic way of “hacker thinking”

Target audience

his certificate is for all professionals who take interest in Ethical Hacking and need to demonstrate basic knowledge of the technical aspects of the related topics.


Required knowledge

There is no prior knowledge required to attend this course.


Certification Program

This certificate is an ideal start for new ethical hackers and penetration testers, as it constitutes the first level of a complete and extensive Certified Ethical Hacking Leader certification track. Achieving the Ethical Hacking Foundation certificate provides candidates with the necessary knowledge to be able to continue with the Ethical Hacking Practitioner certificate, and advance their career path to become a Certified Ethical Hacking Leader (CEHL). Students who already possess basic Ethical Hacking knowledge can decide to start with the Practitioner level of the certification track.

Ethical Hacking Certification Track 

Course outline

  • Module 1: Network Hacking
    basics of wireless networking including BSSID and ESSID, open and closed networks and WPA/WEP security
  • Module 2: Penetration I
    Dirb and nikto and the primary differences between them, SQL Injection vulnerability, Cracking a password hash with John The Ripper
  • Module 3: Penetration II
    OWASP ZAP and Burpsuite , File inclusion
  • Module 4: Capture the Flag

OnLine Instructor-Led Training

Just as in a real-world classroom, a student in a virtual classroom participates in synchronous instruction, which means that teacher and students are logged into the virtual learning environment at the same time. The advantage of a virtual classroom is that students from all over the world can participate without travel expenses.


Course materials (EXAM INCLUDED)

  • You will get the official SECO-Institute Ethical Hacking Foundation courseware
  • Official sample exam and access to our hacking lab
  • An exam voucher to take the official SECO-Institute Ethical Hacking Foundation certification exam


Course times* 

2-day course

For Europe: Start: 10.00 am CET - End: 17:00 pm CET
For USA: Start: 09.00 am PST- End: 16:00 pm PST


* Isn't this your time zone, please contact us for other possible time frames
* This course  is not available in the Netherlands


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