IT-Security Foundation Course

- Online Instructor-Led Training


Information security rests on three pillars: people, processes and technology. However, people with a non-technical background might experience difficulties on account of the technical security jargon. The IT-Security world uses its own specific tools and the associated jargon. This course introduces you to the main technical tools and vocabulary in an accessible way.

This 2-day introductory course provide candidates with an overview of the most important technological aspects of an IT infrastructure. Candidates acquire a global understanding of each aspect’s impact on security. 

You will learn about:

  • Computer system vulnerabilities & security measures
  • Operating system vulnerabilities & defences
  • Network filters, Port scanning, Secure sessions, Attacks & defences
  • Application development and Security issues for programmers
  • Database vulnerabilities & countermeasures
  • Encryption concepts, Symmetric & asymmetric encryption, Digital signatures, Hashing, Certificates and PKI
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Risks of the Cloud, Future of Cloud computing
  • Exploiting Vulnerabilities, STRIDE model, Main attack categories, Zero-day exploit, Hacking actors, Steps for penetration

Target audience

This course is aimed at those who have a limited technical background and, for example, aren't familiar with such terms as NAT, DPI or VPN.

  • Upcoming information security professionals
  • IT-Auditors
  • Service Management staff
  • Helpdesk staff

Required knowledge

There is no prior knowledge required to attend this course.


Certification Program

This course is the first level of the Certified IT-Security Officer certification track of the SECO-Institute's Cyber Security & Governance Certification Program. Successful completion of an IT-Security Foundation course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to be able to continue with the IT-Security Practitioner course. More information on this certification program can be found on the SECO-institute website.



Course outline

  • Module 1: Security in Networks, Systems and Software
  • Module 2: Assuring Security through Crypto and Access Control
  • Module 3: Common (Ab)use Cases

OnLine Instructor-Led Training

Just as in a real-world classroom, a student in a virtual classroom participates in synchronous instruction, which means that teacher and students are logged into the virtual learning environment at the same time. The advantage of a virtual classroom is that students from all over the world can participate without travel expenses.


Course times* 

2-day course

For Europe: Start: 10.00 am CET - End: 17:00 pm CET
For USA: Start: 09.00 am PST- End: 16:00 pm PST


* Isn't this your time zone, please contact us for other possible time frames
* This course  is not available in the Netherlands

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