Bas van den Berg MA AT

Head of the Ethical Hacking certification track

Bas van den Berg MA AT

Bas started out as a developer. Later on, he became a solution architect, whereafter he fulfilled the role of enterprise architect. As he has always been interested in security, he decided to continue his career as a security consultant. His focus lays on secure development and security assessment. Combining his subject knowledge with a good understanding of how people are and how they think, his goal became to create a better and more secure world.


Bas is a creative thinker who has patience and a good understanding of people. He is good at explaining complicated matters using practical examples.


"In a world where IT is becoming more and more dominant and your data is becoming more valuable every day, it's important to become proficient in security and privacy."


Bas loves interactive classes. "Students who share their knowledge and experience do not only teach themselves, but also their fellow students."



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