Michiel Kuethe

Head of the Crisis Management certification track

Michiel Kuethe

Michiel R. Kuethe (In the Picture Ltd.) graduated from the Business School of Economics (CE) of Amsterdam in 1975, after which he studied Communication and Psychology in the United States for three years. Thereafter he joined Shell Netherlands Marketing Group in Rotterdam and fulfilled various positions in the Marketing Communications department for over 6 years. Besides his work, Kuethe earned valuable national and international professional certificates. After years of service, he changed his focus to the world of advertising and communication agencies. His new interest inspired him in working for the following companies:
DMM/Result, PPGH/JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi, the Amsterdam Design-agency, and De Wit Coppenhagen. His affinity with corporate activities and integrated communication eventually led him to develop his career to the position of Managing Director.


In 1992, Kuethe started his own Communication & Management consultancy: In the Picture Ltd. Based on the concept that results are not only determined by the communication of the organisation, but also the management of communication, he successfully realised numerous large-scale change projects.


Crisis Management and Communication requires the optimum of organisation and communication. This is the very reason why In the Picture has been focusing on this field of business since 2008. Kuethe is also a founder of the BCM Business Group and an initiator of RiskUnited. He regularly holds presentations at seminars and gives lectures based on his experiences within Crisis Management.


Since October 2011, Michiel Kuethe has been responsible for the Crisis Management certification track.



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