Theo Heinsbroek

Head of the IT-Security certification track

Theo Heinsbroek

Theo is an information security manager with extensive knowledge about the effective implementation and execution of laws and regulations, standards, frameworks and best practises for information security and privacy protection. His approach is focused on risk management instead of risk avoidance. His attitude turns information security into a business enabler instead of a business roadblock.


Theo lectures on Identity and Access Management for the CISSP Preparation Course and Web-based Applications and Databases for Network Security Professional trainings. Theo combines lectured-on theory with the experience of students. As a result, theory becomes connected to students real-life experience, which makes studying more effective.


Theo has executed different IT Security jobs and functions at various organisations. His varied experience allows him to tailor theory for different staff functions and different audiences.


Theo finds it important to provide students with an open and friendly learning environment with room for course-related discussions. He enjoys basing his lectures on peer learning, so he encourages students to share and discuss their own experiences about information security.

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