SECO-Institute issues first S-CCMO title in the Netherlands
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SECO-Institute issues first S-CCMO title in the Netherlands

28 October 2016
1 minute read

The first S-CCMO in the Netherlands

SECO-Institute is proud to announce that it issued her first S-CCMO (Certified Crisis Management Officer) title in the Netherlands to Michiel Kuethe.


The S-CCMO title is part of the Cyber Security & Goverance Certification Program; track Crisis Management and is the highest title in the track. The S-CCMO title is the next step after the S-CME certification.


Earners of the Certified Crisis Management Officer have proven to apply their expert-level knowledge within their organization.


About the certification program


The Cyber Security & Governance Certification Program is an European initiative to improve the profession of security & continuity through globally recognized certifications and practical oriented courses, based on worldwide accepted European standards like e-CF. Click here for more information about the Cyber Security & Governance Certification Program 

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