Whitepaper: Information Security Management Framework
Information Security

Whitepaper: Information Security Management Framework

13 September 2017
1 minute read

Download your Information Security Management Framework Whitepaper now for Free!

Setting up information security in an organisation is a complex matter. The breadth of the field and the amount of neighbouring subjects often hamper the establishment and maintenance of information security.

To help you implement information security within your organisation, SECO-Institute presents its Information Security Management Framework (ISMF). Our ISMF is a pragmatic model that allows organisations to set up information security at the strategic, tactical and operational level in an organisation in an appropriate way, in line with the business. The ISMF provides an answer to the ever-recurring question: what should I do and in what order should I do it?


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To further assist you, we have drawn up an extensive whitepaper explaining the best use of our Information Security Management Framework (ISMF). Please click below to download the whitepaper for free and let us hear your thoughts and opinions.

Download the ISMF whitepaper

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