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SECO-Institute educates Indonesian lecturers as part of an unique partnership

15 July 2019
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SECO-Institute educates Indonesian lecturers as part of an unique  partnership

Indonesian lecturers received training in the Netherlands by SECO-Institute and the Security Academy in the field of Information and IT-Security and Ethical Hacking.

As a result of an unique cooperation between the Indonesian government, the INIT-Group Foundation and SECO-Institute, 15 lecturers of Applied Sciences at several Indonesian Polytechnics (Higher Technical Education), were educated in the Netherlands.

The lecturers were educated in, did exams and got certified for the following expertise:

  • Information Security Foundation
  • IT-Security Foundation
  • IT-Security Practitioner
  • Ethical Hacking Foundation
  • Ethical Hacking Practitioner

During this special training, they also constructed an action plan (PCAP) on how to implement these topics in their curriculum, and they were inspired during site visits at HSD in The Hague, Lely in Maassluis and Bytesnet in Rotterdam.

With the acquired knowledge, these lecturers will be able to give Information and IT-Security education to students in Indonesia.

Mr. Budi Santoso, Program Manager, and mr. Uwes, Deputy Director of the Indonesian Ministry of Higher Education, flew over to be present for the graduation ceremony at the Castle of Woerden, the Netherlands.
They explained that offering Information and IT-Security education to all students in Indonesia is one of the highest priorities of the Indonesian government.

This unique project is just the start of a larger educational program in Indonesia, that will be launched in the near future.

For more information about this press release, please contact: SECO-Institute: Tim Rook,, +31 631976336

For more information about the educational tracks, please refer to the sidebar.

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