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The seccond career step in the S-CCMO certification track

The Cyber Security & Governance Certification Program

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Why become S-CMP-certified?

The demand for qualified crisis managers is increasing. With this qualification, you will be internationally recognised as a crisis manager who is able to implement and anchor a crisis management process. The Crisis Management Practitioner course will prepare you for a possible crisis by showing you how to identify, prioritise and manage events, and equipping you with the skills you need to build up resilience and effectively respond to the crisis.


"By 2017, there will be a shortage of 2 million cyber security jobs worldwide" — UK House of Lords, Digital Skills Committee


For whom is the S-CMP certification?

This course is aimed at those who are or expect to be involved in crisis management, such as:


  • Crisis managers
  • Business continuity managers/ officers
  • Facility managers
  • Security managers


Finally, this certificate is intended to be an important career milestone for crisis management professionals, as it constitutes the second level of a complete and extensive Certified Crisis Management Officer certification track. Achieving the Crisis Management Practitioner certificate provides students with a solid knowledge to be able to continue with the Crisis Management Expert certificate, and advance their career to become a CCMO. Students who already possess medium-level crisis management knowledge can decide to start their training with the Expert level of the certification track.


Steps to schedule your S-CMP exam


study for your exam

1. Demonstrate the required knowledge


Before taking your exam, you should make sure that you possess the required knowledge. We have a great number of global partners offering preparation courses. Check our partners' websites to find a training centre in your country. 



Read the information

2. Read the "How to book your exam" page


Make sure that you meet all the systerm requirements. Read through our "How to book your exam" page thoroughly to prevent mistakes or ambiguities. You can also find a link to book your exam on this page. 


How to book your exam page


schedule your exam

3. Schedule your exam


Follow the instructions on the "How to book your exam" page and click the button on that page to schedule your exam. 


pass your exam

4. Pass the exam and claim your title


Upon successful completion of your exam, you can claim your title and digital badge here.

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