Crisis Management Practitioner

Crisis Management Practitioner course

Training & Exam

What will you learn?

  • Prepare yourself for a successful progression into a crisis management role
  • Implement a crisis management and communications process in your organization
  • Practice your crisis management and crisis communications skills with increasingly complex crisis scenarios and stakeholders
  • Set up an internal crisis organisation and handle a crisis in line with crisis management best practices
  • Develop, set up and run a simulated, interactive tabletop exercise that tests your organization’s capabilities to respond to a crisis


  • 5 days of training
  • 35 hours of self study
  • Exam voucher included

About this Course


Crisis Management Practitioner (CMP) prepares you for successful progression into a crisis management role. In this course, you will learn the essentials of implementing a crisis management and communications process in your organisation, and you will practice your crisis management and crisis communications skills with increasingly complex crisis scenarios. You will learn hands on how to develop and run simulated, interactive tabletop exercises to tests the organization’s Crisis Management Plan and its capability to respond to an emergency, disaster or crisis situation. At the end of the course, you will be able to set up an internal crisis organisation and handle a crisis in line with crisis management best practices.

Who should attend?

This training is particularly suitable for professionals who are actively working towards a career as a crisis manager, crisis communications specialist, a crisis communications spokesperson, or a crisis coordinator. The training is also of interest to those with an understanding of fundamental crisis management terms and concepts and are looking to gain practical skills, for instance as a member of the Crisis Management Team. Typical attendees include experts in security, incident response, human resources, facility management, communications and public relations professionals, and senior executives looking to overlook the implementation of crisis management and work with / manage a Crisis Management Team during a Crisis.

What’s included?

  • 5 days of training from a senior instructor that will practice what he/ she preaches
  • Official SECO – Institute course materials
  • Practice exam
  • Crisis Management Practitioner exam
  • “S- CMP” digital Acclaim badge when you pass the exam
  • 1- year free SECO Membership

Course modules

Module 1: Introduction to Crisis Management

  • Understanding crises and their impact
  • Incidents vs crises
  • The way crises emerge and progress
  • Organisational environment of crisis management
  • Relationship between crisis situations and stress
  • Crisis methodologies to use in a crisis situation

Module 2: Setting Up the Crisis Management Organisation​

  • Establishing and activating the Crisis Management Organisation (CMO)
  • Roles and responsibilities in the CMO
  • Avoiding chaos with crisis control methodology
  • Communication between all CMO teams

Module 3: Managing a Crisis

  • Recognising and applying crisis strategies
  • Working with crisis control methodology
  • Information analysis, triage and contextualisation for good decision-making
  • Crisis Management Team (CMT) meeting structure and CMT meetings in practice

Module 4: Communication Between Teams in the Crisis Management Organisation

  • Hierarchical structure of the Crisis Management Organisation (CMO)
  • Organising the CMO communication structure
  • Applying methods for communication between CMO teams
  • Importance and role of the Support Team in the CMO
  • The way stress affects the brain and impacts communication between teams

Module 5: Impact and Stakeholders​

  • Crisis impact areas and potential consequences
  • Importance of the crisis environment analysis​
  • Identifying stakeholders and dividing them into target groups​
  • Ownership and responsibilities

Module 6: Crisis Communications

  • Understanding the function of crisis communications in the Crisis Management Organisation​
  • Internal communications and prioritization
  • External communications and application of communication strategies
  • Relationship with the press and proper crisis response communication​

Module 7: Reputation Management​

  • Ownership of reputation management​
  • Brand identity, image and reputation​
  • Basics of reputation management​
  • The role of trust in building a good reputation​
  • Identification of reputational issues

Module 8: Managing Social Media ​

  • Social media developments​ and their impact on crisis communications
  • Risk response strategies​
  • Using social media during a crisis​
  • Pros and cons of using social media​ in crisis communications

Module 9: Crisis Simulation

The course ends with a simulated, interactive tabletop exercise that tests the organization’s Crisis Management Plan and its capability to respond to a simulated emergency, disaster or crisis situation. The exercise is built on SECO Institute’s fictional company Bicsma. Students act as its crisis management team and will bring into practice the crisis methodology and exercise the specific crisis management team roles as learned throughout the course. (For In Company trainings, this exercise can be tailored to the specific requirements of our client).

About the exam

Exam information

  • Language: English
  • Delivered: Online via a certified proctor
  • Questions: 40 multiple choice
  • Time: 120 minutes

Why SECO-Institute?

SECO – Institute is the Independent body of knowledge for the Data Protection and Privacy Certification Program. From 2 day awareness sessions, 5 days in- depth DPO training, up to obtaining the Certified Data Protection Officer Title, SECO has the most comprehensive training and certification portfolio in Data Protection.

Our courses are very hands on oriented and aimed at gaining actionable knowlegde and skills. We only work with freelance, senior instructors that spend the majority of their time as DPO, Privacy Manager, or senior data protection consultant in complex corporate and government environments. SECO- Institute instructors have gone through a scrutinous accreditation process, where they’re tested on domain expertise as well as communication- and presentation skills.

At SECO- Institute, we believe in life long learning. Once you’ve taken a training and exam you’re a member of the SECO- Community. We’ll continue to support you with invite- only webinars, templates, expert interviews and much more.

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