S-ISME Certification

Information Security Management Expert – SECO’s flagship CISO certification

The S-ISME certification exam tests your real-world information security management skills. By passing the certification exam and earning a SECO-Information Security Management Expert (S-ISME) certificate, you demonstrate that you possess the top competencies of a successful information security leader.

SECO-Institute’s Management Expert exams give you the opportunity to become an expert level certified professional.

About the certificate

Who is this certification for?
Experienced information security professionals looking to lead security in a CISO- or similar role. Existing CISO’s with a technical background that want to learn more about the business, leadership and management side of security. Information security managers, information security officers, senior security consultants.

What are the benefits of this certification?
An S-ISME certificate demonstrates that you possess the knowledge and skills necessary to develop security strategies, guide a security team, and exert influence at the board level. This achievement will give you the confidence to assume a senior information security management role and provide leadership for your organisation.

How can I position the S-ISME certification in the market?
The S-ISME certification is an advanced information security certification.

What skills will I be able to validate with my SECO-ISME (S-IME) certificate?
Please review the objectives section on the program outline page.

How can I get certified?

Assignment based exam:
At the beginning of the program, you will receive the template of your final assignment. The goal of this assignment is to assess students’ capabilities to apply course content and practices teached throughout the course. Students must write this document as if this pertains a real time security case or security strategy, preferably applicable to the students own working environment. The case or strategy should ideally bring value to the company student is employed. During the course, separate assignments need to be executed prior to certain lectures and will be discussed during class. These can be integrated into the overall template assignment document. We strongly advise to define your ‘’problem to solve’’ as early as possible as to maximise benefit from class assignments and in this way to minimize workload at the end of the course.

Exam Process:
1. Decide your problem to solve for your final assignment early in the program
2. Take the training, make your assignments for each Training Day
3. Integrate the theory and practices into your final assignment
4. Evaluation of your assignment by the board
5. Take the remote online proctor exam with questions related to your assignment
6. Claim your ISME Certification Title
7. Adding work experience: Claim your S-CISO Title

Your exam voucher is included in your training. Please connect with your training provider for your exam voucher and information about the exam registration process. If they are not able to assist you, contact us directly and we will guide you through the process.

Connect with us via the program outline page and we will send you available dates in your country.

You can claim your certification badge at our Member site.

Your SECO Expert credentials will be valid for a year. To keep your Expert certification title and digital badge active, you will need to re-certify every year by paying a small annual maintenance fee (€75) and reporting at least 40 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits in the (S)ECO-System. As a certified member of the (S)ECO-System, you will also have opportunities to collect CPE credits by attending free webinars and accessing other professional knowledge resources.


Information Security Management Expert

Once you are certified you will learn that SECO-Institute is more than just an examination factory. You will become a member of the (S)ECO-System. Supporting our members and lifelong learning, you will access ‘Member Only’ webinars and professional knowledge resources, obtain discounts on other trainings and events, and receive personal invitations for exclusive conferences, working groups and professional activities developed through our global partner network of other clusters and innovation projects.