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Our two-day Dark Web Foundation course combines theory and practice to give you a thorough grounding in the most important concepts and technologies relating to the Dark Web. The course was originally developed by The Netherlands Institute for Scientific Research (TNO) and is designed for everyone interested in national security.

The course will introduce you to Tor, Blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and the hidden world of Darknet Markets. At the end of the course, you will understand what the Dark Web is, what technologies it is built on, and for what purposes it is used. Furthermore, you will have an overview of the challenges we are facing due to the evolution of (cyber) crime-as-a-service.
Tor and Blockchain catalyse innovation in financial technology and facilitate communication for “free-thinkers” (dissidents, activists and journalists) who seek to bypass government censorship. On the other hand, these technologies present new criminal threats as they trigger the evolution of crime-as-a-service business models. Darknet markets such as SilkRoute or AlphaBay use Tor and Blockchain to enable the illicit trade of forbidden goods and services, such as drugs, weapons and forged documents. These activities are especially threatening not only because they harm our society, but also because they facilitate global terrorism.

For whom is the Darkweb Foundation certification?

This training has a lot to offer to both technical and non-technical security specialists. As a security specialist with a focus on IT and information security, you will enjoy learning more about hidden cyber threats that can have a major impact on your business. If you are interested in other aspects of national security (police, justice or defence), you will gain valuable knowledge about how criminal activities evolve on the hidden part of the web.

Course modules

Introduction to Dark Markets I + II
Dark Markets, darknet markets, or crypto markets are outcomes of the criminal innovation based on Tor browser and Bitcoin as cryptocurrency. In these modules the participants will learn what a dark market is and how it works. It will be supported through facts and figures from TNO research. In these modules we will also pay attention to the evolution and professionalization of dark markets.


Exploring Dark Markets

Participants will learn how to gain intelligence on the dark web with a focus on dark markets. They will learn basics tips and trick’s how to obtain the correct onion links and will explore dark markets themselves through TNO provided credentials. 


Introduction to TOR
In this module the concepts of the anonymization protocol The Onion Browser (TOR) will be explained. Participants will experience through simple exercises how and why TOR works. Furthermore they will explore the TOR browser themselves, how it works and learn about basic security risks still applicable even when using TOR.

Introduction to Bitcoin
This module will teach the participants the basic concepts behind the cryptocurrency bitcoin. After the module participant will have a global knowledge of how bitcoin works, what the blockchain is, why it provides anonymity although it is transparent and methods to store bitcoin.

Bitcoin Money Laundering
This module revolves around the potential of bitcoin in money laundering schemes. Participants will receive practical examples and explanations about mixers, bitcoin credit cards and other methods that potentially can be exploited. During the exercises the participants will be challenged to think of their own money laundering scheme involving cryptocurrencies.

Legal and future challenges
The existence of the Dark Web creates legal and future challenges. In this module we will look into the how neutral technologies, like TOR and Bitcoin, can be legally addressed in the perspective of criminals misusing these technologies. Furthermore, this module features trends and patterns in dark web content, security and technology, as well as how we should expect these threats to evolve over time.

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