Online Learning Platform

Train your students anytime and from anywhere!

The SECO-Institute seeks to help training organisations in delivering their courses online.
To assist you with online course delivery, we launched the SECO-Institute Online Learning Platform (SOLP), based on BigBlueButton. The platform provides a safe, secure space that allows you to deliver quality SECO-Institute trainings over the internet. The SOLP is  available to SECO-accredited  and non accredited training providers.


  • Connect with your students through secure live streaming and video conferencing
  • Share your work with students through live screen sharing
  • Upload presentations/play YouTube videos from your library
  • Chat with your students
  • Increase learner engagement with interactive whiteboard, polls and breakout rooms for team collaboration
  • Record your live sessions and share them with your audience

How can I access the SECO Online Learning Platform?

SECO Training Partners

If you want to use the SOLP, let us know 24 hours before your class starts and we will set up a virtual classroom for you. In your virtual classroom, you will be able to teach all your courses (SECO and non-SECO courses) to up to 20 students. For one month, you can use your SECO virtual classroom to teach your courses. After one month your virtual classroom will close automatically. If you want to teach multiple classes at the same time, you can order several virtual classrooms.  After your monthly subscription you can stop or renew it. As a SECO-Partner you pay €50 per virtual classroom per month.

Are you not a SECO-partner yet? 

You can access the SECO Learning Platform through a monthly subscription of €70 per virtual classroom where you can teach up to 20 students (non-SECO courses). If you want to teach multiple classes at the same time, you can order several virtual classrooms. After one month you can stop your subscription or renew it.

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