Crisis Management

Your learning path to becoming a Certified Crisis Management Officer (CCMO)

A crisis can strike any organisation anytime and anywhere. No organisation is crisis-immune. But while some organisations suffer irreparable damage during a crisis, others manage to keep their reputation intact and their customers loyal in the face of any adverse situation. What is their secret?

This track is a four-level certification program developed by experienced crisis managers and tailored for those who aspire to develop effective management and communications strategies to protect their organisation against the adverse effects of a crisis.

From Foundation to Expert level, the program addresses all the core competencies you need to establish yourself as a crisis management professional and succeed at the highest levels of crisis management and crisis communications. As you evolve through the certification levels, you will gain in-depth knowledge of best practices, and you will develop real-world management and communication skills in a simulated business environment. Ultimately, you will become a CMO able to implement and improve an enterprise-wide crisis management program.

Certification levels

From Foundation to Expert, each certification level comprises a practice-oriented training course and a certification exam.

Each certification exam tests the knowledge and industry-established competencies covered in the corresponding course.

Attending a course is not a prerequisite for taking a certification exam.

Foundation is an entry-level course designed to provide you with a strong basic knowledge of planning. Following this course, you will understand the fundamental principles.

By earning a S-CMF certificate, you demonstrate a high level of awareness and an in-depth understanding of terminology, concepts and principles.

Practitioner prepares you for the practical implementation of principles and leadership. In this course, you learn how to handle a crisis and how to communicate with internal and external stakeholders during a crisis situation.

A S-CMP certificate validates your ability to set up an internal crisis organisation, draw up a basic crisis management plan, and compile a basic crisis communications strategy.

Expert (CME) was developed for professionals with ambitions to become a crisis manager or a crisis communications specialist. The course equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to develop, implement and improve complex management and communications strategies, and provide leadership during crisis situations.

A S-CME attests to your ability to design, implement, monitor and improve an enterprise-wide crisis management program and assume ultimate responsibility for internal and external crisis communications.

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