E-learning IT Security Foundation

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Our e-learning IT Security Foundation (ITSF) course provides you with a comprehensive introduction to IT security.


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Our e-learning IT Security Foundation provides you with a comprehensive introduction to IT security. In this e-learning IT Security Foundation, you will be able to build your IT security knowledge from the ground up. You will learn what components make up an IT infrastructure and what vulnerabilities each component may have. You will also understand how attackers exploit common vulnerabilities and what tools you can use to prevent exploitation. At the end of the course, you will have a global understanding of IT security without having to immerse yourself deeply in information technology.

The knowledge you obtain in this course readies you for the next (Practitioner) level, where you will accomplish hands-on Security Manager assignments, such as designing a security architecture and writing a patch management policy.

  • Get a practical overview of common hardware, software, network, database and cloud vulnerabilities and protections;
  • Benefit from the insights of practicing Security Managers and cybersecurity advisors;
  • Prepare for your certification assessment with a free sample exam.

What are the benefits of an S-ITSF certificate?

An S-ITSF certificate demonstrates that you have an overall understanding of IT security challenges and best-practice remedies. If you are considering a career in IT security, S-ITSF provides you with an excellent opportunity to enter the security industry and advance your skills with higher-level security trainings.

The certificate is particularly suitable for network and system administrators seeking career advancement. If you work in a similar role, S-ITSF may be your opportunity to take your first step towards becoming a security administrator, security auditor, security engineer, security analyst or penetration tester.

S-ITSF also has benefits for managers whose work involves regular communication with IT (security) specialists. If you work with security professionals, or if your business decisions affect the IT domain, the ability to perceive IT security risks and liaise with security professionals can considerably improve your efficacy as a manager. Depending on your interests and background, S-ITSF may even open you to new career opportunities – for example, a project or change management position in an IT or information security-related environment.

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