In the age of digital innovation, information explosion and cyber security attacks, the increasing need for consistent world-class training is indisputable. Organisations are struggling to find sufficient talent to handle their security & continuity challenges. By partnering with the SECO-Institute, you can add a world-class certification program to your portfolio. Read more about SECO-Institute certification program.

As an Accredited Training Centre, you can offer the SECO-Institute Cyber Security & Governance certification program to your own students. Our portfolio offers certification courses in Information Security, IT-security, Business Continuity and Crisis Management, enabling you to train professionals at different levels throughout their careers.

Why become a partner?

The next step after CISSP®, CISM®, C/CISO®

There are 100k+ CISSPs and CISMs in the world. Offer your students the next step in their career by continue learning to obtain an expert-level certification.

Internationally Recognised European Cyber Security & Data Protection Certification Program

The program was launched in the Netherlands in 2008. Since then, thousands of professionals working at the world’s largest multinationals have been trained with SECO- Institute courseware accredited by CPION. Candidates that have passed their exams receive a SECO-Institute-accredited title, which title is recognised by the industry.

SECO-Institute training material

Being a partner means that you don't have to develop your own courseware. The SECO-Institute develops its own courseware and has its own R&D centre. Our Courseware Team’s job is to deliver you and our training centres the up-to-date knowledge you need to thrive in an ever-changing industry. Our courses are designed and delivered by leading Security & Continuity experts. Take a look at our courseware.

Focus on practical skills

Our courseware is designed to gain as much as possible practical skills for the students. All exercises are built on Bicsma, a fictitious company created by the SECO-Institute. Bicsma, as a manufacturer of drinks and fruit juices, provides a realistic simulated company environment for students to apply the newly acquired knowledge to real-life situations. 

24*7*365 online exams

Students can take their certification exams 24*7, 365 days a Year through our online exam portal.

Become a SECO-Institute Accredited Training Centre

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