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New: Cyber Defense

The SOC Associate Analyst course offers a comprehensive 3- day training that immerses you into the processes, data flows and capabilities of a SOC along with hands on, real-world tasks of a Tier 1 Analyst: Throughout the course you’ll work with SIEM, ITSM and a SOC Ticketing System, the key toolset of the Tier 1 analyst.

The SOC Threat Analyst course teaches advanced principles, tools and hands on techniques for a senior, pro- active defense role in a SOC or similar team. The course offers hands-on practice in a Next Generation SOC with the modern technology stack and evolved processes, and dives into practicalities of much discussed concepts like XDR, Rapid Response and Automation.

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NEW: The CISO 2.0

Information Security is where it all started for SECO. It’s our flagship curriculum that laid the foundation for where we are today. With trainings ranging from zero to CISO and from understanding, applying, managing and leading information security, we offer the most complete package suitable for both running your security awareness project as well as building the next generation of security leaders.

SECO’s flagship CISO 2.0 leadership course

Developed by a group of renowned security leaders and reviewed by a veteran that informs and advises Board Members on a daily basis, the course offers a unique blend of the practical-, leadership-, management- and business skills required from the CISO 2.0.

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SECO Career Paths

At SECO-Institute, we have a very strong belief that our world needs more and better-qualified cyber security and business resilience professionals. We develop competency-based certification programs to produce top-level security and continuity experts who can build a successful career in a fast-changing and growing market. The SECO-Institute certifications courses will train you for a specific job or job-discipline. For the beginner till the expert.

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