Crisis Management Foundation course

3 days, 4 hours a day

Fundamentals of effective crisis management and crisis communication.

Crisis Management Foundation offers a comprehensive 3- day training that immerses you into the fundamentals of effective crisis management and crisis communications. You will familiarise yourself with the crisis management lifecycle, and what activities you need to perform in each crisis-stage to work towards successful recovery. You will understand how a crisis organisation functions and what resources it needs to perform its tasks, acquire the basics of crisis management planning and reputation management; and gain insight into best practices for managing employee and media communications during a crisis.

Authors & Lead Trainers

Mariette Neumann
Author & Trainer

Senior Advisor & Co-Founder
ITP Groep Crisismanagement

Tadas Jakstas

Consultant Cyber Security, Crisis Management and Critical Infrastructures at NRD Cyber Security

Jacob van ‘t Slot

NGO security-, and crisis management advisor
Co-Founder at Global Risk Advice

At a Glance

Entry level

Crisis Management Foundation

3 days, 4 hours a day

Anyone looking for a comprehensive introduction to Crisis Management.

Core concepts and practical assignments in crisis management strategy and organization, effective crisis communications, stakeholder analysis, and reputation management.

Structure and function of crisis management, support, communication, damage assessment and recovery teams. Perform a stakeholder analysis for crisis communications.

Evaluate the factors that may trigger a crisis, how to deal with unforeseen and exceptional situations.

Understand the crisis management lifecycle, and what activities you need to perform in each crisis-stage to work towards successful recovery.

Identify a crisis situation. Correctly identify crisis-stages, priorities and the actions appropriate to each stage. Understand the importance of the “golden hour”.

Apply employee and media crisis communications principles.

What’s included

  • Official SECO-Institute course materials
  • Training from passionate instructors with exceptional skills
  • Access to the SECO member portal
  • Practice exam
  • Exam voucher
  • Membership to SECO’s Alumni Network after passing the exam


Welcome in the world of Crisis Management

Module 1 evaluates what factors may trigger a crisis and what crisis management activities should be performed in each stage of the crisis. Students will learn how a Crisis Management Organisation should operate, and what aspects should be included in an organisation’s crisis management strategy.


  • Definition of crisis, crisis management and crisis communications
  • The relationship between crisis management and business continuity management
  • The characteristics and impact of a crisis
  • The Crisis Management Organisation
  • The Crisis Management Plan
  • The crisis management process

Reputation Management and Crisis Communications

Module 2 evaluates the importance and best practices for safeguarding corporate and public reputation. Both the practical aspects and priority models are practiced, as well as aspects that need to be taken into account when developing a crisis management / reputation management strategy.


  • Crisis Management Priority Model
  • Reputation: Arrives on foot but leaves in a Ferrari
  • The 5 Principles of effective reputation management
  • The 10 laws of reputation management
  • Communicate: Listen, Analyse, Talk
  • Have a plan!: Pre-established procedures

In this last module we’ll dive into the best and worst practices of Crisis Communications. You will learn how to enhance the effectiveness of your internal and external crisis communications. You will perform a stakeholder analysis to improve your crisis communication, and learn how to handle (social) media platforms effectively during a crisis. Lastly you will understand what additional factors you will need to deal with in a cross-border crisis situation.


  • Communication within the Crisis Management Team
  • Internal crisis communications
  • External crisis communications
  • Structured approach to handling social media and the press
  • International crisis management

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  • Language: English
  • Delivered: Online via a certified proctor
  • Questions: 40 multiple choice
  • Time: 60 minutes

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