From comprehensive introductions to Data Protection
and Privacy to advanced DPO Training

Data protection and data breach notification are no longer strictly a media relations issue or PR choice: It is law, and not complying can lead to a financial drain for any business. Maybe even more important, people are becoming more privacy- aware and verbal, so now your most valuable intangible asset is at stake: Your reputation. Privacy management should go beyond mere regulatory requirements and can be a great support in your organizations’ efforts to build and maintain a strong, trusted brand. SECO-Institute offers comprehensive courses for both individuals that need to understand their rights and responsibilities under the GDPR, as well as advanced courses for those that manage and lead Privacy, Compliance and Data Protection efforts in their organization.

“SECO combines a perfect blend of background reading, thought provoking tasks and open discussion. My knowledge base has increased exponentially over the 5- week programme, and it’s something that I would recommend to anyone seeking greater depth of transferable and practical knowledge in Data Protection.”

James Tarrant, Compliance Officer at iwoca, London- United Kingdom

Authors & Lead Trainers

Bart Baars
Author & Trainer

Privacy consultant
Privacy Officer Tennet

Anouk Dekoninck

Data Protection Program
Manager at PwC

Privacy & Data Protection Courses

Entry level

Data Protection Foundation

3 days

Anyone who collects, edits or manages personal data. Entry level data protection or privacy experts.

Understand the GDPR through easy explanations, real-world examples and fictive scenarios. Get a clear picture of your rights and obligations under the GDPR. How to translate the law to your daily life and work.

Advanced level

Data Protection Practitioner

5 days

Advanced training for (aspiring) Data Protection Officers. GDPR-consultants, privacy consultant or compliance officer, IT or information security professional looking to specialize in a privacy-related area.

Practice DPO tasks with hands-on assignments like Policymaking, Data Protection Impact Assessment. Design and implementation considerations including tools, privacy enhancing technologies, security by design. Define and implement a basic 3rd-party assurance process.