From an introduction into ethical hacking
to hands on Penetration Testing

Ethical hacking is a key offensive skill to assess the risk exposure of an organization and specifically its vulnerability to unauthorized access. SECO-Institute offers a 2 day, entry level training for those that want to understand how hackers work, the common vulnerabilities that they will exploit and practice basic hands on techniques of the ethical hacker. For the experienced security professionals that like to get their hands dirty we propose a 5 day, heavily hands on course geared towards professional penetration testing. Both courses are delivered in our ‘cloudified playground’ where you’ll get to practice your skills in a realistic and secure environment.

Authors & Lead Trainers

Bas van den Berg
Author & Trainer

Ethical Hacker
CTO at Skopos.AI

Alper Başaran

Chief Hacking Officer

Mikko Laaksonen

Ethical Hacker
CEO at Responsible Cyber

Ethical Hacking Courses

Entry level

Ethical Hacking Foundation

3 days

Anyone looking for a comprehensive introduction in ethical hacking

How a hacker thinks, what skills an ethical hacker needs, hacking ethics and the legal implications of hacking

How different types of penetration tests are performed

Understand how to report issues found during a pen test

Perform the basic steps of reconnaissance.
Perform fundamental steps of attacking techniques including a basic black-box penetration test in Capture the Flag format on the last day of training

Advanced level

Ethical Hacking Practitioner

5 days

Security professionals looking for a hands on training in Penetration Testing

Deep understanding and hands on practice of the various stages during a professional penetration test

Hands on skills in all tasks during each stage of a pen test assignment.

Create a professional pen test report for management and clients (part of your exam)

Purely focused on advanced offensive techniques and skills, with some homework assignments on the theory to leave more time for the hands on in class. Entire course delivered in a Capture the Flag format in our cloudified pen testing environment