From a comprehensive and practical introduction to the Dark Web
To a deep dive into the Dark Web technologies

At the SECO-Institute, we are aware of the growing worldwide need for competent, well-qualified security leaders and specialists. We satisfy this need by developing training programs that enable professionals like you to gain the skill sets needed to understand, and work with, the Dark Web. With the SECO- S-DWF and S-DWP certifications, you will be recognised as a qualified Security Professional with extensive knowledge about the secrets of the Dark Web.

Authors & Lead Trainers

Bas van den Berg
Author & Trainer

Ethical Hacker
CTO at Skopos.AI

Carlos Valderrama
Author & Trainer

SOC Director
Subject Matter Expert at ENISA

IT-Security Courses

Entry level

Dark Web Foundation

3 days

Dark Web Foundation is an ideal training for technical and non-technical security professionals, investigators and intelligence officials.

Understand the Technology behind the Dark Web.

Use Tor to discover hidden sites and services.

Grasp the business dynamics of Dark Markets.

Gain insight into Dark Web investigations through real-world incidents.

Thorough grounding in Bitcoin transactions, Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin laundering.

Advanced level

Dark Web Practitioner

3 days

This course is for professionals that want a comprehensive and practical dive into the Dark Web technologies.

Understand the technology behind different Dark Webs.

Use dark search engines and other techniques to find sites on the Dark Web.

Learn to set up your own hidden service.

Learn to investigate sites and blockchains combined with OSINT techniques.