Submit your CPE credits

Report your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to re-certify for your next certification year and continue enjoying the benefits of being a SECO-certified professional.

1. Fill in the form with the professional development activities you have performed in your current certification year. Include any activity that has contributed to your knowledge and skills development in areas relevant to your certification. Think of webinars, conferences and trainings you have attended, publications you have read/written, or workshops you have given.

2. Indicate the number of CPE credits earnt by each activity. The general rule is that 1 hour of activity is worth 1 CPE credit. For example, attending a 2-hour webinar earns you 2 CPE credits. As a Practitioner, you need to collect 20 CPE credits to re-certify. Experts and Certified Officers need to report 40 CPE credits.

For more information on your CPE credits, look at our CPE guidelines.

If you submit your CPE points, you can remain a certified professional and make use of the special benefits that we offer for our members:

  • Free access to the SECO-Institute webinars for attaining CPE hours
  • Access to the (S)ECO-system community and the latest publications, reports and updates
  • 20% discount on all SECO-Institute courseware and exams
  • Discount on courseware and events of our partners

For more information about your CPE points look at the CPE guidelines.

Submit your CPE credits here: