Acknowledgement Payments

I hereby apply to Security & Continuity Institute also known as “SECO-Institute” for issuance of SECO-Institute’s Certified Officer certification in accordance with the subject to the policy and regulations of SECO-Institute.

I understand that if any information is found untruthful, the application processing fees will be forfeited and no certification will be awarded.

I acknowledge that SECO-Institute reserves the right to verify the applicant’s employment history. I hereby agree to hold SECO-Institute, its officers, directors, examiners, employees and agents, harmless from any complaint, claim, or damage arising out of any actions or omission by any of them in connection with this certification application process, the failure to issue me any certificate or any request of redelivery of such certificate.

I understand that the decision as to whether I qualify for certification rests solely and exclusively with SECO-Institute and that their decision is final.

I agree on a 3 Year SECO-Institute membership and the payment of the annual maintenance fee for a minimum of 3 Years.

  • Certified Officer Certification: €75,- Euro excluding VAT yearly

I have read and understand these statements.