S-BCF Certification

Core business continuity planning and management skills.

If you are considering a career in business continuity or resilience management, S-BCF provides you with an excellent opportunity to enter the industry and advance your skills with higher-level continuity and resilience trainings.

The certificate is particularly suitable for facility managers, security professionals and quality officers seeking career advancement. If you work in a similar role, S-BCF may be your opportunity to take your first step towards becoming a business continuity manager, coordinator or consultant.

S-BCF also has benefits for information security specialists who need to collaborate with business continuity officers to provide the necessary coverage their organisation needs to remain functional in the face of threats. As a security specialist, your ability to perceive business continuity risks and liaise with business continuity teams will considerable improve your efficacy and may even open you to new career opportunities – for example, an information security & business continuity manager or corporate resilience officer position.

An S-BCF certificate demonstrates that you have an overall understanding of the most important aspects of business continuity planning and management.

About the certificate

Who is this certification for?
S-BCF is intended for all those who have a general interest in protecting their enterprise against threats and raising business continuity awareness across their organisation.

What are the benefits of this certification?
Amongst other things you will gain a solid understanding of  business continuity management, grasp the fundamentals of developing a strategic business continuity policy and learn to describe how business continuity tests are prepared, performed and evaluated.

How can I position the S-BCF certification in the market?
The S-BCF certification is a beginner-level business continuity certification.

What skills will I be able to validate with my S-BCF certificate?
Please review the objectives section on the program outline page.

How can I get certified?

Theory Exam
Language: English
Delivered: Online via a certified proctor (on a date and time that suits you best)
Questions: 40 multiple choice
Passing score: 60%
Time: 60 minutes

Your exam voucher is included in your training. Please connect with your training provider for your exam voucher and information about the exam registration process. If they are not able to assist you, contact us directly and we will guide you through the process.

Connect with us via the program outline page and we will send you available dates in your country.

You can claim your certification badge at our Member site.

Your SECO Foundation credentials will be entirely free of charge and valid for a lifetime.


Business Continuity Foundation

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