Crisis Management Expert


Crisis Management Expert certification

About the course

Crisis Management Expert (CME) takes you to the level of an internationally recognised crisis management expert. In this course, you will learn to master all aspects of crisis management, from organising the crisis management process and shaping your organisation’s crisis plan to compiling internal and external crisis communications strategies. As you move along in the course, you will bring your crisis management and crisis communications skills to the highest level with complex exercises, case studies and crisis simulations. Having completed the course, you will return to work as a competent crisis management professional able to implement, manage and improve an enterprise-wide crisis management program.

  • Learn crisis management from practicing crisis managers;
  • Gain hands-on crisis management experience through realistic crisis simulations.


A good understanding of information security management principles is required.

SECO Crisis Management Practitioner certificate (or equivalent) is recommended.

About the certificate

Core crisis management competencies you will validate with your SECO-CME (S-CME) certificate

The CME certification exam tests your real-world crisis management skills. By passing the CME certification exam and earning a SECO-Crisis Management Expert (S-CME) certificate, you demonstrate your ability to

  • Identify environmental, political, legal & regulatory, financial, economic, and health and safety risks;
  • Analyse risks and draw up a preventive action plan;
  • Assess the maturity of your organisation’s crisis management process and identify gaps;
  • Design a crisis management awareness campaign;
  • Set up an internal crisis organisation and ensure effective communication lines within the organisation;
  • Compile a comprehensive crisis management plan ;
  • Define internal and external crisis communications strategy taking into account corporate goals and objectives, the stakeholder matrix, and appropriate communications tools;
  • Set up a social media monitoring strategy and use influencers to communicate during crisis situations;
  • Assess the reputational impact of a crisis and provide advice on reputation management during crisis situations;
  • Manage the stages of a crisis and collect and analyse information to ensure adequate response;
  • Monitor the maturity and quality of the crisis management process;
  • Identify training needs for the internal crisis organisation;
  • Prioritise and plan recovery actions after a crisis and compile a recovery plan;
  • Recognise the symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome and ensure appropriate care;

Apply the crisis plan to cross-border crisis situations.

What are the benefits of an S-CME certificate?

An S-CME certificate demonstrates that you possess the knowledge and skills necessary to develop crisis management plans and crisis communications strategies, and guide an internal crisis organisation. This achievement will give you the confidence to assume the role of a crisis manager or crisis communications specialist and provide crisis leadership for your organisation, while earning a median annual salary of £54,000.

Who should certify?

S-CME is intended for all those who are determined to continue their learning path all the way to becoming a crisis manager or crisis communications specialist.

The certification is particularly suitable for you if you have a background in

  • Facility and security management;
  • Human resources management;
  • Business and administration;
  • Human resources;
  • Communications and PR.

How to prepare for the certification exam?

You can prepare for your certification exam by taking a course or by self-study.

We also offer classroom training through our accredited education partners. To find a course in your country, visit the Get Trained page.

How to book a certification exam?

You can take your certification exam at an accredited exam centre or online.

For more information on the exam, please download the SECO Examination Guide.

S-CME certificate and digital badge

Upon successful completion of a SECO Crisis Management Expert certification exam, you will receive the S-CME certification title and a digital badge. Your credentials will grant you a one-year SECO membership. After your certification expires, you will have the option to re-certify by paying a small fee.

As a prerequisite to renewing your certification, you have to meet Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements. CPE requirements can be met by attending workshops, conferences and webinars, publishing articles, providing training, and performing other similar activities that help you maintain your professional competencies.

For more information on the certification process and Continued Professional Education (CPE) requirements, please download the SECO Certifications Guide.