Data Protection Practitioner course

Training & Exam

What will you learn?

  • Practice DPO tasks with realistic hands-on assignments like Policymaking, Data Protection Impact Assessment, incorporating data protection requirements
  • Practical considerations in design and implementation like supporting technology including tools, privacy enhancing technologies, security by design
  • Data required for reporting supporting good governance and decision-making, define and implement a basic 3rd-party assurance process


  • 5 days of training
  • 20 hours of self study
  • Exam voucher included

About this Course


This training prepares you for a successful progression into the role of Data Protection Officer.  You will learn how to build a GDPR-compliant data protection program by embedding data protection in your organization’s strategic, tactical- and operational management. You will practice DPO tasks with realistic hands-on assignments in the areas of Policymaking, Impact – and Risk Assessments and incorporating data protection requirements. The course evaluates practical considerations in design and implementation, from technology and tools supporting data protection, privacy enhancing technologies, and security by design. You’ll learn about what data is required to support good governance and decision-making and how to translate the concept of management systems to a Data Protection Management System (DPMS). Lastly you will prepare yourself for an (external) compliance audit, and define and implement a basic 3rd-party assurance process.

Who should attend?

This training is ideal if you’re pursuing a career and / or certification as a Data Protection Officer, GDPR-consultant, privacy consultant or compliance officer; if you’re an IT or information security professional and you wish to specialize in a privacy-related area of security; or if you’re an active DPO looking to structure your knowledge and gain more practice. Basic knowledge of privacy and / or data protection is expected. If you do not yet have this, we recommend that you first take the Privacy & Data Protection Foundation entry-level course prior to this course. When in doubt, feel free to contact us.

What’s included?

  • 5 days of training from a senior instructor that will practice what he/ she preaches
  • Official SECO – Institute course materials
  • Practice exam
  • Privacy & Data Protection Practitioner exam
  • “S- PDPP” digital Acclaim badge when you pass the exam
  • 1- year free SECO Membership

Course modules

Module 1 – Strategic Considerations

  • Translate the goals and needs of the organisation into a vision on handling personal data
  • Transform this vision into an effective implementation strategy
  • Define data protection principles and develop a data protection policy to support and govern the execution of the strategy
  • Understand the importance of creating a data inventory and the principles guiding the creation of such an inventory
  • Understand the (possible) need for a published privacy notice and the implications thereof

Module 2 – Impact and Risk Assessment

  • The concepts of a ADPIA
  • Perform a (basic) DPIA
  • Concepts of risk management and risk assessment
  • Identify threats to data protection and effective measures to mitigate the resulting risks
  • Perform a (basic) risk analysis related to data protection
  • Define data protection requirements based on policy and the outcome of the DPIA for business processes, the internal organisation, and the technology used by the organisation

Module 3 – Operations

  • Understand the impact of data protection on regular operations
  • Specific requirements of laws and regulations (in this case the GDPR in particular)
  • Incorporating data protection requirements in new and existing procedures in a pragmatic but effective manner
  • What is required and/or allowed when it comes to upholding policies, laws and regulations in an organisation

Module 4 – Design and Implementation

  • Technological tools available to support data protection
  • Implement PET (Privacy Enhancing Technologies) and, in particular, cryptography
  • Concepts of privacy by design/default
  • Translate privacy by design/default to practical policies and procedures
  • Demonstrate knowledge of instilling and enhancing awareness and campaigns in an organization
  • Define generic data protection requirements for projects

Module 5 – Governance

  • Required data for reporting that supports good governance and decision-making
  • Translate the concept of management systems to a Data Protection Management System (DPMS)
  • Prepare for an (external) audit on compliance to the GDPR
  • Define and implement a basic 3rd-party assurance process

About the exam

Exam information

  • Language: English
  • Delivered: Online via a certified proctor
  • Questions: 10 multiple choice, 5 open questions, one case
  • Time: 120 minutes

Why SECO-Institute?

SECO – Institute is the Independent body of knowledge for the Data Protection and Privacy Certification Program. From 2 day awareness sessions, 5 days in- depth DPO training, up to obtaining the Certified Data Protection Officer Title, SECO has the most comprehensive training and certification portfolio in Data Protection.

Our courses are very hands on oriented and aimed at gaining actionable knowlegde and skills. We only work with freelance, senior instructors that spend the majority of their time as DPO, Privacy Manager, or senior data protection consultant in complex corporate and government environments. SECO- Institute instructors have gone through a scrutinous accreditation process, where they’re tested on domain expertise as well as communication- and presentation skills.

At SECO- Institute, we believe in life long learning. Once you’ve taken a training and exam you’re a member of the SECO- Community. We’ll continue to support you with invite- only webinars, templates, expert interviews and much more.

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