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Ethical Hacking Foundation certification

About the certificate

Core ethical hacking skills you will validate with your SECO-EHF (S-EHF) certificate

Ethical Hacking Foundation equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to lay the foundations of a thriving penetration testing career.

By passing the EHF certification exam and earning a SECO-Ethical Hacking Foundation (S-EHF) certificate, you demonstrate your ability to

  • Hack a WEP-protected Wi-Fi network;
  • Use basic network sniffing and port scanning techniques;
  • Use web application vulnerability scanners (Dirb, Nikto and Vega) to find potential vulnerabilities;
  • Interpret the results of a basic vulnerability scan;
  • Run an automated SQL injection attack using SQLmap;
  • Crack a password hash with John the Ripper;
  • Brute-force a web-based login form;
  • Bypass client-side validation;
  • Use basic local file inclusion and remote file inclusion techniques to gain shell access and be able to execute commands on the system;
  • Perform a basic black-box penetration test.

What are the benefits of an S-EHF certificate?

An S-EHF certificate demonstrates that you have an in-depth understanding of basic penetration testing techniques, and that you possess fundamental hacking skills. If you are considering a career in ethical hacking or cybersecurity, S-EHF is a sure way to set yourself on the path to success.

This qualification is particularly suitable for IT professionals and aspiring information security specialists. If you work in IT or information security, S-EHF is your opportunity to take your first step towards becoming a penetration tester, a security analyst, or a security consultant.

Who should certify

The course and the certificate are ideal for your career advancement if you are a(n)

  • Systems, database, web or network administrator;
  • Web developer;
  • IT technician;
  • Security administrator;
  • Network engineer;
  • Computer software engineer.

How to prepare for the certification exam?

You can prepare for your certification exam by taking a course or by self-study.

We also offer classroom training through our accredited education partners. To find a course in your country, visit the Get Trained page.

If you prefer to prepare by self-study, make sure that you fully understand the requirements before you book your exam. Download the exam syllabus and the sample exam to familiarise yourself with the structure and topic areas of the certification exam.

How to book a certification exam?

You can take your certification exam at an accredited exam centre or online.

For more information on the exam, please download the SECO Examination Guide.

S-EHF certificate and digital badge

Upon successful completion of a SECO-Ethical Hacking Foundation certification exam, you will receive the S-EHF certification title and a digital badge. Your credentials will grant you a one-year SECO membership. After your certification expires, you will have the option to re-certify by paying a small fee.

For more information on the certification process, please refer to the SECO Certifications Guide.



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