Information Security Practitioner

Information Security Practitioner course

Training & Exam

What will you learn?

  • Apply information security management principles to the human, organizational and technological domain
  • Acquire a deep understanding of information security governance, risk management, compliance, awareness raising, monitoring and reporting
  • Evaluate cyberattack methods, current and emerging threats and effective security controls to mitigate risk
  • Gain insight into security challenges posed by the introduction of new technologies


  • 5 days of training
  • 20 hours of self study
  • Exam voucher included

About this Course


Information Security Practitioner (ISP) enables you to information security management principles to its human, organizational and technological domains. You’ll acquire a deeper understanding of information security governance, risk management, compliance, awareness raising, monitoring and reporting. You’ll evaluate cyberattack methods, current and emerging threats; and learn about effective controls that allow you to mitigate security risks. Finally, you will gain insight into the security challenges posed by cloud computing, big data, IoT and robotics.

ISP offers a unique combination of knowledge and practical experience. You’ll practice your newly acquired skills with realistic information security tasks: You’ll work on a compliance project, an ISO 27001 implementation plan, evaluate a strategic information security policy, perform a risk assessment, and start designing an information security awareness program. Ultimately, you will learn how to provide recommendations for improving the organization’s information security posture.

The Information Security Practitioner course is the second level of the SECO-Institute Information Security Certification Track and sets the stage for the Information Security Management Expert course.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for those that want to set their next step towards a dedicated advisory or management role in the information security. Typical students include but are not limited to (aspiring) information security officers, consultants, security managers, IT Auditors, line managers and project managers with a direct line to the information security practice.

What’s included?

  • 5 days of training from a senior instructor that will practice what he/ she preaches
  • Official SECO–Institute course materials
  • Practice exam
  • Information Security Practitioner exam
  • “S-ISP” digital Acclaim badge when you pass the exam
  • 1- year free SECO Membership

Course modules

Module 1 – Introduction to the World of Information Security

  • Candidates demonstrate knowledge of the playing field of information security (and cybersecurity)
  • Candidates are able to show how to balance an organisation’s interests and the threats the organisation is exposed to. Candidates are able to employ this balance to enhance the resilience of the organization
  • Candidates can interpret the most important laws and regulations relating to information security
  • Candidates are able to analyse the most important information security standards and best practices

Module 2 – Organizational Aspects of Information Security

  • Candidates are able to identify those elements of an organisation’s mission, vision and strategy that can help them create a vision on information security
  • Candidates have a general understanding of what is included in a vision on information security / an information security policy
  • Candidates are able to identify information security roles, tasks and responsibilities within an organization
  • Candidates know how to perform an information security risk assessment
  • Candidates know how an organisation can demonstrate its “control” over information security

Module 3 – Human Aspects of Information Security

  • Candidates are aware of the problems posed by employees’ inappropriate information handling behavior
  • Candidates are able to translate information security risks to behavior
  • Candidates are able to assist their organizations with identifying and selecting the appropriate (suitable) awareness measures / activities
  • Candidates are familiar with the relevant instrumentation
  • Candidates know how to measure the effectiveness of an awareness program

Module 4 – Technological Aspects of Information Security

  • Candidates can explain how information security looks through a hacker’s eyes
  • Candidates can interpret potential risks
  • Candidates can apply technical countermeasures to remediate information security risks

Module 5 – The Future of Information Security

  • Candidates understand the main consequences of the 4th industrial revolution
  • Candidates can explain the concept of Digital Economy
  • Candidates understand what competences will be needed in the new digital world
  • Candidates can explain the concept of disruptive business models and provide examples of these models

About the exam

Exam information

  • Language: English
  • Delivered: Online via a certified proctor
  • Questions: 10 multiple choice, 5 open questions and one case
  • Time: 120 minutes

Why SECO-Institute?

Our courses are very hands on oriented and aimed at gaining actionable knowlegde and skills. We only work with freelance, senior instructors that spend the majority of their time as specialist in the topic. SECO- Institute instructors have gone through a scrutinous accreditation process, where they’re tested on domain expertise as well as communication- and presentation skills.

At SECO- Institute, we believe in life long learning. Once you’ve taken a training and exam you’re a member of the SECO- Community. We’ll continue to support you with invite- only webinars, templates, expert interviews and much more.

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