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IT-Security Expert | S-ITSE

IT-Security Expert certification

About the certificate

The IT-Security Expert certification exam covers a set of industry-established competencies that are essential for aspiring IT-Security Managers or specialisation as a SOC Manager. By passing the ITSE certification exam and earning a SECO-IT-Security Expert (S-ITSE) certificate, you showcase your ability to act as a technical expert at managerial level in a technical security environment, like a Security Operation Center.

How to prepare for the certification exam?

We offer classroom training through our accredited education partners. To find a course in your country, visit the Get Trained page.

How to book a certification exam?

You can take your certification exam at an accredited exam centre or online.

For more information on the exam, please refer to the SECO Examination Guide.

S-ITSE certificate and digital badge

Upon successful completion of a SECO SOC | IT-Security Expert certification exam, you will receive an exam certificate. To turn your exam certificate into a verifiable qualification that can improve your career prospects,  you need to unlock your S-ITSE certification title in the (S)ECO-System, our professional community. By unlocking your certification title, you acquire the right to add the professional designation “certified IT-Security Expert – SOC Analyst” to your name. You also receive a secure digital badge you can add to your CV, LinkedIn or digital portfolio to verify your competence to employers, clients and the professional community.

Have you already passed the exam? Unlock your S-ITSE title now to give your career a boost.

Your SECO Expert credentials will be valid for a year. To keep your Expert certification title and digital badge active, you will need to re-certify every year by paying a small annual maintenance fee (€75) and reporting at least 40 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits in the (S)ECO-System. As a certified member of the (S)ECO-System, you will also have opportunities to collect CPE credits by attending free webinars and accessing other professional knowledge resources.