The (S)ECO-system provides you with networking opportunities and safeguards the value of our certifications by encouraging and stimulating continuing professional development. By becoming a member of our (S)ECO-system and using a SECO title, you demonstrate to employers and fellow professionals that your competence is up to date.

(S)ECO-system - combining knowledge around the world

The (S)ECO-System is a knowledge-sharing community for information security, data protection, crisis management and business continuity professionals.

Our community’s goal is to support security & continuity professionals in their career and skills progression up to and beyond qualification. We circulate up-to-date knowledge and stimulate continuing professional development in the protective disciplines, with a vision to help our members achieve their career ambitions and drive quality and effectiveness in the overall field of security and continuity.

We help new and experienced professionals break into the security & continuity industry

Whether you are a student, a career starter, or a practicing professional seeking formal qualification, in our community you’ll find support and resources to start and advance a career as an accredited information security manager, IT security expert, data protection officer, ethical hacker or similar specialist. We help you design your career path, prepare for certification, and develop yourself beyond qualification to realise your full potential.

We aid certified professionals in continuing professional development and career growth

If you are a certified SECO member, our community will provide you with exclusive knowledge resources, free and discounted professional education opportunities, and professional development events that will help you excel in your field and enhance your professional image.

We build an integrative knowledge base

In the (S)ECO-system, we bring together experienced practitioners and leading experts from different fields to raise an interdisciplinary knowledge base. Among our members you’ll find information security officers, data protection officers, cybersecurity specialists, ethical hackers, privacy and security consultants, crisis managers, and many others who offer original insights into specialty areas within the larger field of security and continuity.

By joining us, you will join a unique security and continuity ecosystem driven by professional excellence and ambition.

Are you ready? Discover what we have to offer.