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In our shop you can find all our products.

All our exams, all our books and our e-learnings you can find on this page. You can sort them by price, popularity, average rating and all the other things this page provides.

As you can tell: this is just filler text. I can’t use the standard text, because I will be read to filth. By a major company. On the net.
We can’t afford losing any ranking, so I am just making up stuff as I go.

About the exams

You can read all about the exams when you click on the icon. When you buy a Foundation exam in this shop, you can schedule it by following the steps in the extensive manual you will receive with your invoice.
The same goes for the Practitioner and Expert exams.

About the books

At the moment we have one great book, Understanding the GDPR. The next one is due december 2019, it will be an extensive and comprehensive book regarding the IT-Foundation certification.
It will be a pageturner like the other one.

About this shop

As you can tell by my writing, I am writing this with only one clear mission: promotion our shop. Getting the little red circle green.
Letting you find us.

So, when you visit our shop, enjoy browsing through all our products and services.

Did I mention we also sell memberships? You get great compensation prices when you become a member! Try it.

Almost there!

Let me explain a bit about the process when you decide to buy some of our amazing products.
First, you’ll have to pay.
When you buy a book, we will be sending it to you, manually. Depending on where you live, you can expect delivery between 2 and 5 days. If we have to ship it, it takes longer.
When you buy a virtual item, like an exam or an e-learning, you get a code an instructions with which you can immediately book your exam or start your course.

We hope you’ll enjoy your purchase!

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