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Jacob van het Slot (S-CMMO), addresses key-points to strengthen the weakest link in crisis management: Stressed people.

How is it possible that one virus with predictive patterns leads to different approaches in many countries. Which human factors are leading to the current measures in several countries and what has culture to do with all this??
Every self-respecting country and organizations has crisis management protocols that include a pandemic. However, following the protocols, making decisions that require both courage and wisdom is in practice totally different than in the preparation stage.

All the elements above are covered in our webinar about The human factors in a global crisis. Addressing key-points to strengthen the weakest link in the crisis management: Stressed people.

Mariette Neumann (S-CMMO), explains what crisis communication is all about during the Coronavirus outbreak, during a 45 minutes webinar.

All countries need to respond to the emergence of the coronavirus. COVID-19 has a major impact on public health, economy and social life around the world. Rigorous measures are taken by governments and announced by the country’s MP. But are these measures clearly communicated in a way that the public understands? Or is there still room for interpretation?
How do you communicate to your target groups in a way that they don’t panic but feel reassured the rights decisions have been taken? Everyone wants to know what the consequences are, what needs to be done and feel that they can rely on the support of the government.

In this webinar you will find out what crisis communications is all about and it will be illustrated by cases around the world regarding the corona virus.

Gert Kogenhop (Hon.) MBCI, explains how a Business Continuity Management System helps organisations during the Coronavirus outbreak, during a 45 minutes webinar.

During this webinar we will briefly discuss what Business Continuity Management is and swiftly move to the benefits and what the added value of a Business Continuity Management System is for any organization in this specific instance.

What could be the source of impact and how should you prepare for this unexpected situation we are in today and maybe many weeks to come. Are you too late for producing your Plan B and mitigate the impact?