How to book your exam / Schedule an exam

Schedule your exam

You can schedule your exam clicking the button below. Is this the first time you are taking an exam using the ProctorU system? Please read this page carefully and make sure you meet the system requirements.


Schedule your exam


Please note: We recommend you to schedule your exam 72 hours in advance. It is possible to take your exam within 72 hours, but in this case ProctorU will charge you additional administration costs. This applies to both vouchers and direct payments. 


Also, make sure you select the right exam version. You can check the back of your course material to see a version number corresponding with the exam version.


If you are new to the system, you will first have to create a Test Taker account and select "SECO-Institute" as the institution. Once you have scheduled your exam, you will be asked to pay the exam fee. If you have an exam voucher, please fill in the access code at the payment confirmation page. Enter your unique access code in the Access Code field below the reservation details and click Apply. 


Here you find an extensive walkthrough of the full exam process. For a summarised version, please follow the steps on the ProctorU student page


The value of our certifications

SECO-Institute offers students the possibility to take their exams with the convenience of their preferred location and time.
Our system allows you to book and take exams in the comfort of your ideal study environment.  Do you prefer your kitchen table, your home desk or your office? Would you rather take a test during office hours or at night? The choice is up to you!


However, taking an exam is not something you can do off-hand. We rely on ProctorU's cheating and  fraud prevention methods to ensure that our exams offer real value to you and your (future) employer.


ProctorU offers online proctoring services similar to the classroom proctoring you might already be familiar with. ProctorU is a well-regarded and market-leading company used by educational institutions all over the world to proctor millions of exams. ProctorU is TRUSTe certified, meaning that they are in compliance regarding the protection of our students' privacy and security.


How it works & system requirements

To take a SECO-Institute online exam, you need a computer that can host the proctoring application of ProctorU, which is used to monitor and record a student's activities during the exam. This application requires the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave Player and needs access to a camera and microphone on your computer. Read about the technical requirements here.


You can easily test if your system meets the requirements using this test page.


A question that comes up regularly is if the proctors will be able to access any files on your computer through the proctoring application (or otherwise). The answer is no! The proctor can't do anything without your permission. You can find more information on this topic here


Please note: Linux and Android are not supported by ProctorU. Nor are Chromebooks or Microsoft Surface RT devices.


If security is a concern to you, we recommend you prepare a "clean" laptop or computer specifically for the exam that does not contain anything you consider confidential. Again, ProctorU will not be able to access anything on your computer without your permission. Being prudent, however, is never a bad thing.


For a comprehensive step-by-step description, see "Test taker process" on ProctorU's webpage, or view the video using this link or on this web page.


Starting your exam

Make sure you close and save your work before you enter the exam environment. We recommend you to do this well in advance. Once you have scheduled your exam, a counter will start ticking. Shortly before the appointed time go to, log in and wait for the "START" button to appear. Click that button to go to the proctoring environment. Confirm your name, the exam you want to take, and confirm that you agree with the exam's rules. 


Subsequently, your computer will be checked for meeting the exam requirements. If your computer meets all requirements, you will be asked to show a photo ID. The proctor will look at your ID to confirm your identity and take a photo of you using the webcam to be able to demonstrate proof of identity.


After your identity is confirmed, you are prompted to download and run an applet in your browser that will enable the proctor to see and hear what you are doing on your screen. The proctor will ask you to show your physical workspace through your camera to verify there are no unauthorised materials available to you during the exam. To make it possible for the proctor to see the front of your monitor, make sure you have a mirror or other reflective object at hand. The proctor will also verify there are no unauthorised programs running during the exam and ask you to close any if needed.

Now you are ready to take the exam! We wish you good luck!


Once the exam is completed, you can submit your exam. The session end time will be logged. Your exam session will be recorded and reviewed by multiple proctors to verify no fraud was in play. Except for suspicions of fraud, SECO-Institute will never see these videos.


After submitting the exam

After you have submitted your exam and ProctorU has confirmed there were no non-conformities during the exam, SECO-Institue will assign one or more assessors to review your answers. You will receive the outcome by e-mail within one month after submission. If you have passed the exam, this e-mail will also contain information about how to claim your certificate and digital badge, and how to use your SECO-Institute title.


If you haven't passed, you can resit your exam. To retake an exam, follow the instructions above and choose a re-examination from the appropriate list. If you fail for the second time, you will be excluded from taking the exam for one year.


Our exams

SECO-Institute provides 3 types of exams. If you have booked a course including an exam, you will receive a voucher from the training centre. This voucher can be used to book your exam for free (also mentioned above). 

Foundation exam:

  • Time allotted for the exam: 1 hour
  • Number of questions:
    - 40 Multiple choice questions
  • Open book: no 
  • Costs: $ 175 excluding VAT

Practitioner exam:

  • Time allotted for the exam: 2 hours
  • Number of questions:
    - 10 Multiple choice: 3 points per question
    - 5 Open questions: 8 points per question
    - 1 Case study: 30 points per case
  • Open book: no
  • Costs: $ 450 excluding VAT

Expert exam:

  • Time allotted for the exam: 3 hours
  • Number of questions:
    - 10 Multiple choice: 2 points per question
    - 6 Open questions: 5 points per question
    - 2 Case studies: 25 points per case
  • Open book: no
  • Costs: $ 700 excluding VAT


Our exams are only available in English.

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