Sample exams - test your knowledge

SECO-Institute’s Sample Exams gives you the opportunity to test if you can become a foundation level certified information security or data protection professional.

SECO-Institute offers students the possibility to take their exams with the convenience of their preferred location and time.
Our system allows you to book and take exams in the comfort of your ideal study environment.  Do you prefer your kitchen table, your home desk or your office? Would you rather take a test during office hours or at night? The choice is up to you!

What are the benefits of taking sample exams?

It demonstrates that you have an overall understanding of the most important aspects of information security or data protection. If you are considering a career in information security or data protection, sample exams provide you with an understanding of your basic knowledge. It helps you decide which course you can attend.

The certificate is particularly suitable for facility managers, security professionals and quality officers seeking career advancement. If you work in a similar role, it may be your opportunity to take your first step towards becoming a business continuity manager, coordinator or consultant.

Sample exams also have benefits for information security specialists who need to collaborate with business continuity officers to provide the necessary coverage their organisation needs to remain functional in the face of threats. As a security specialist, your ability to perceive business continuity risks and liaise with business continuity teams will considerably improve your efficacy and may even open you to new career opportunities – for example, an information security & business continuity manager or corporate resilience officer position.

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