Data Protection

Your learning path from beginner to Certified Data Protection Officer

This track is a multi-level, competency-based certification program designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and credentials you need to become a DPO under the EU’s GDPR.

The program was developed by experienced Data Protection Officers, privacy consultants and privacy lawyers. The certification levels address core competencies required for DPOs as identified based on the GDPR, industry expertise and thorough job analyses.

As you evolve through the certification levels, you will gain an expert’s knowledge of the GDPR and you will learn how to perform a DPO’s tasks. Ultimately, you will become a DPO able to implement and maintain a GDPR-compliant data protection program and advise your management on effective practices. Your competency-based certificates will unite you with a select group of privacy professionals and increase your marketability, employability and earning potential.

Certification levels

From Foundation to Expert, each certification level comprises a practice-oriented training course and a certification exam.

Each certification exam tests the knowledge and industry-established competencies covered in the corresponding course.

Attending a course is not a prerequisite for taking a certification exam.

Foundation is an entry-level course. It introduces you to European legislation and enables you to develop an in-depth understanding of the GDPR.

By earning a S-PDPF certificate, you demonstrate that you fully understand rights and obligations under the GDPR, and that you can interpret compliance requirements in the context of your daily work.

Practitioner prepares you for the tasks you will perform as a DPO. During the course, you will learn how to implement and safeguard GDPR-compliance in your organisation, and you will practice with hands-on DPO assignments.

An S-PDPP certificate validates your ability to draft a strategic policy, compile a GDPR-compliant privacy notice, carry out an impact assessment, and much more.

Officer is a step above Expert. In addition to an excellent understanding of principles and practices, S-CPDPO title holders must demonstrate the ability to design, implement and operate an enterprise-wide data protection program.

To qualify for an S-CPDPO certificate, you need to have expert knowledge and at least three years of work experience in a privacy or data protection role.

The certificate will be awarded upon a thorough assessment of your CV and professional achievements. Professional achievements may include completed data protection projects, training activities and publications.

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