Information Security

Your learning path to becoming a Certified Information Security Officer (CISO)

Our Information Security Certification Track is a four-level certification program tailored for those who would like to start a career in  and advance to a senior information security or cybersecurity management role.

The program was developed by experienced CISOs based on European laws, regulations and best practices. It has been adopted by large banks and government organisations, and it has trained many talented professionals who are now pursuing a rewarding career in the security industry.

From Foundation to Expert level, the program addresses all the core competencies you need to establish yourself as a professional and succeed at the highest levels of management. As you evolve through the certification levels, you will gain in-depth knowledge of risks and protections, and you will develop the management skills necessary to oversee and guide your organisation’s overall security efforts. Ultimately, you will become a CISO able to implement and improve an enterprise-wide information security program.

Certification levels

From Foundation to Expert, each certification level comprises a practice-oriented training course and a certification exam.

Each certification exam tests the knowledge and industry-established competencies covered in the corresponding course.

Attending a course is not a prerequisite for taking a certification exam.

Foundation is an entry-level course designed to provide you with a strong basic knowledge. Following this course, you will understand the fundamental principles, and you will gain extensive insight into threats and protections.

By earning an S-ISF certificate, you demonstrate a high level of awareness and an in-depth understanding of terminology, concepts and principles.

Practitioner prepares you for the practical implementation of principles and leadership. In this course, you obtain an advanced overview of the human, organisational and technical aspects of ISMS implementation. The course is rich with hands-on assignments that ready you for performing a Security Officer’s tasks.

Management Expert (ISME) was developed for ambitious security professionals who are looking to advance their security career to the executive level. The course equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to develop, implement and govern an information security program and provide security guidance to senior management.

Officer is a step above Management Expert. In addition to an excellent understanding of principles and practices, S-CISO title holders must demonstrate the ability to design, implement and operate an enterprise-wide information security program.

To qualify for a Certified Information Security Officer certificate, you need to have expert knowledge of information security and at least three years of work experience in an information security or cybersecurity role.

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