Secure Programming Foundation Exam

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Buy your Ethical Hacking Foundation exam and take the first step in your new career as a secure software security professional with SECO-Institute’s international acclaimed Ethical Hacking Foundation Certification.

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SECO-Institute’s Secure Programming Foundation exam gives you the opportunity to become a foundation level certified professional.
It is the first step in your new career as a secure software professional with SECO-Institute’s international acclaimed Secure Programming Foundation Certification.

Secure Programming Foundation offers an intensive hands-on introduction to secure software development. In this course, you will learn what common programming errors can lead to software vulnerabilities, how these errors are exploited by attackers, and how you can prevent the software flaws that enable cyberattacks.

  • Learn the fundamentals of secure software development from experienced security consultants;
  • Return to work ready to apply secure development principles in your design and code;
  • Prepare for your certification assessment with a free sample exam.

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Experience with at least one programming language is required.

What are the benefits of taking a Secure Programming Foundation exam?

An S-SPF certificate demonstrates that you have an in-depth understanding of common software vulnerabilities and best-practice countermeasures. If you are considering a career in software development or software auditing, this ability is essential to set yourself on the path.

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